Towards Joy

Linda Stabinski

September 7 - 29th, 2018
Opening Reception: 09/07/2018, 5:00p-9:00p

What brings you joy?  Do you believe that joy is accessible in every moment?  Do you believe that joy is more valuable than the pursuit of happiness?

Using creativity as a healing path to move Towards Joy, intuitive artist Linda Stabinski expresses her vision of living a more joy-full life over the popularly-promoted goal of “be happy.”  Colorful, sometimes moody, layered mixed-media pieces invite the viewer to catch a flight on the wings of birds and embrace joy as an act of resistance in an increasingly materialistic and divided world.  Also included in the exhibit are passages from her journal in which she grapples with the seemingly similar, yet distinctly different, concepts of “joy” and “happy.”  Linda also invites everyone to share what brings them joy on a collaborative piece entitled Joy is Now.

About the Artist

Linda Stabinski is a self-taught intuitive artist living and working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Linda passionately pursues creative self-expression as a meditative practice during which she explores and heals her inner emotional landscape and communicates with her higher spiritual power whom she calls the Great Creator.

Using her hands, fingers, spray bottles, old credit cards, and other non-traditional mark-making tools, Linda’s mixed media works are comprised of multiple layers, each one rooted in curiosity about texture, shape, line, and color.  She is sensitive to balance, rhythm, and focal point, all born organically on the substrate during the creative process.  Stabinski paints to the beat of her heart, rather than for the practice of a specific technique or for the focus on product.

The granddaughter of an oil painter, her earliest childhood memories of making art involve watercoloring beach scenes of the Texas Gulf Coast where she was born and raised.  Originally, Stabinski intended to be a lawyer but decided, during her senior year at Franklin and Marshall College, not to apply to law school.  She considers this one of the most liberating decisions of her life.  After a succession of administrative jobs and the birth of her only child, Linda answered the call of a creative life.  She studied interior design in the early 2000’s at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and, since 2003, has been a professional interior designer.

Linda’s work is held in private collections both in the U.S. and abroad.