Stephen Cimini

August 3 - 31st, 2018
Opening Reception: 08/03/2018, 5pm-9pm

FrameWorks is a new series of paintings on canvas with the added dimension of a wood case frame. The frame and canvas together create the unique compositions. Along with his celebration of color, all of the geometric forms the artist has used over the past 20 years are evident in these new works. Two of the paintings entitled for the love of Diebenkorn, gives tribute to Richard Diebenkorn one of his early influences.

About the Artist

Originally from the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Cimini first studied fine art at the San Francisco Art Institute and eventually moved back east to study at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He wrestled with various art forms from wood constructed sculpture to conceptual environments before landing on abstract painting something he loved from an early age. In 1994, he began developing the vocabulary for his current work, which originates from the linear landscape of Manhattan. It has since mutated to geometric spaces and their relationships to each other while still adhering to its architectural origins. His fascination with the mystery of color is also a vital aspect of his work. 
Cimini’s work is held in corporate and private collections worldwide. He is a recipient of a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation awarded to artists with established ability. In 2017 he was nominated a Finalist in painting for The Global Art Awards, held at the Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa. Cimini’s work is featured in the 2016 published book Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts, & Conversations by Jerry McLaughlin & Rebecca Crowell.