Conquer Art’s Frontiers

Spero Lappas

April 5 - 30th, 2019
Opening Reception: 04/05/2019, 5 - 9pm- Light refreshments served

Spero’s work for Conquer Art’s Frontiers is based on his best-selling book, Conquer Life’s Frontiers, which is an international success and has been praised as “Beautiful”, “Engaging,” and “Very Rewarding” by Writer’s Digest Magazine. It is available on or directly from the publisher at

As a painter of large canvas abstract, his work occupies a unique dreamscape of mystery and illusion while recalling influences of abstract expressionism.

About the Artist

Spero T. Lappas, PhD, is a painter and prize-winning photographer headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
A world traveler, he takes inspiration from the exotic and the mundane and has created photographic studies of dozens of urban, archaeological, and natural locations on four continents.
He has appeared in numerous one-artist exhibitions, gallery shows, and charity auctions and his artwork currently graces many personal and corporate collections.
In addition to his artistic and literary pursuits, he is one of Central Pennsylvania’s leading trial lawyers and a university lecturer.