past exhibitions


Loryn Spangler-Jones

August 25th, 2018
Opening Reception: 08/25/2018, 6:00pm

…the rush of the inexplicable joy one feels after seeing or experiencing something romantic….

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In Quintessence

Denise Adler

July 6 - 28th, 2018
Opening Reception: 07/06/2018, 5p-9p

…examining identity and it’s reflection in contemporary culture. The multifaceted connections between the internal; external and virtual, distilled into hybrid creations that illustrate a deeper sense of social reality.

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there’s no place like home

Jennifer VonStein

June 1 - 30th, 2018
Opening Reception: 06/01/2018, 5p-9p

“In the room we will find nothing
In the room we will find everything”

– from “Hesitations Outside The Door,” by Margaret Atwood

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bridge the gap

David Reinhart

May 4 - 26th, 2018
Opening Reception: 05/04/2018, 5pm-9pm

Inspired by the vistas seen while cycling and the dramatic Spring cycling races in Europe, David’s new work explores local landscape imagery from the saddle while riding through, over and into the place where we live.

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bound together

Abigale Fortnum

April 6 - 28th, 2018
Opening Reception: 04/06/2018, 5p-9p

Exaggerated figures brought to life with watercolor and ink. Each illustration tells its own story as the figures interact with one another…

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Loryn Spangler-Jones

April 20th, 2018
Opening Reception: 04/20/2018, 7p-10p

Contrasting soft, lyrical line work with strong and saturated mark making, ‘pHERspective,’ is, at its core, a balancing act on the tightrope of fear and change.

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Flock Together

Loryn Spangler-Jones

March 2 - 31st, 2018
Opening Reception: 03/02/2018, 5p-9p

To promote social change and continue to ask important questions that challenge the status quo and inspire people in thought, word and action, we must boldly and fearlessly take a stand. Let us all Flock Together and Stand for Art, our collective and most articulate voice.


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The Sketchbook Collection

Loryn Spangler-Jones

November 3 - December 31st, 2017
Opening Reception: 11/03/2017, 5pm-9pm

A behind the scenes intimate look at over two decades of work never before available to the public.

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Collateral Candor

Loryn Spangler-Jones

September 22 - November 30th, 2017
Opening Reception: 09/22/2017, 6p-9p at our Queen St Location 325 N Queen St Lancaster PA

…where humanity meets vulnerability, vulnerability leads to honesty and honesty creates acceptance…

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suspicious minds

Yesid Gomez and Wifer Buitrago

October 6 - 28th, 2017
Opening Reception: 10/06/2017, 5p-9p

South American natives and cousins, Yesid Gomez and Wilfer Buitrago exhibit large scale contemporary paintings and sculptures.  A collaborative body of work not to be missed.

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