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with Love, LSJ
POSTED: July 9, 2017

I remember this moment about 8-9 months ago. I was sitting in my beautiful studio on King St…. the very space I only have because of the amazing humans in my life… natural light pouring in the 12 foot floor to ceiling windows, looking around and thinking to myself; “Have I seriously outgrown this space already??? How in the hell did I ever create 6 foot paintings and store them in my tiny three bedroom apartment that I share with my THREE children?”  I was immediately reminded of the Goldfish Theory…..a goldfish will grow to suit the size of its tank…conversely if you keep said gold fish in a small tank it will stop growing all together or even worse, die.

I wasn’t sure what to do with ANY of these thoughts. So, naturally they swam around endlessly in my own personal goldfish bowl…called my brain. They bounced off of each other, sometimes painfully….sometimes quietly. But they were always there! My solution…the only solution I have ever known…just keep swimming, or in my case, painting. And trust that eventually the thoughts would either subside altogether or an opportunity would present itself.

Nine months later, I am standing in the middle of my SECOND location, LSJ Studios on Queen. When the opportunity was presented to me to own and operate a Gallery space out of the newly renovated Keppel building on the 300 Block of North Queen St in downtown Lancaster….the very block that tiny three bedroom apartment of mine exists on….how could I say “No?!?”

The Queen St location is now the official gallery and exhibit space for my own personal work.  And this feels AMAZING! The space is beautiful with its super industrial edge and stark white masonry walls-the absolute perfect backdrop for my work.

What you NEED to know:

(in no particular order)

1. The King St location continues to be my personal creative space, classroom space and gallery where I can exhibit and support artists from around the globe!

2. None of this would be a reality if not for support and love from my community and friends!

3. I continue to wake up everyday armed and ready to slay the demons that insist on taking up residence in that goldfish bowl and still have to tell my self over and over again “I deserve this. I am worth this. I am amazing.”

4. I believe goldfish bowls can be as big as you want them to be.


With Love,