unknown pleasures

Jessica Echeverria

August 5 - 26th, 2016
Opening Reception: 08/05/2016, 5p-9p

Lancaster City welcomes the Lehigh Valley urban street artist, Jessica Echevarria. Echevarria’s representative work is comprised of many varied surreal portraits of people. In any work of portraiture, the artist must grapple with the form’s namesake: portrayal. There is much to consider in this regard. What can seem to be a small choice in composition can speak volumes about the inner life of the subject represented—even if the subject is a composite of many people in the artist’s life and not just one particular individual.

Echevarria’s use of vibrant colors and strong lines echo individual breaks with more “traditional” portrayals to get at something more pressing.

About the Artist

Reminiscent of the work of Cubist Francis Picabia, specifically, his 1927 “Espagnole et agneau de l’apocalypse” or his 1929 piece “Hera,” Jessica Echevarria deftly portrays subjects with a variety of affects, ethnicities, and gender representations to create an engaging narrative of selfhood and intersectionality. Her’s is not a style of portraiture which caters to normative constructions of reality or identity.
Echevarria’s work also nods to the cultural tensions of her era. She does not perpetuate idealized forms of the individual, rather she seeks to portray a more candid depiction of the inner life of the individual through many nuanced features.