sticks and stones

Jaye Crist

June 2 - 23rd, 2017
Opening Reception: 06/02/2017, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Sticks and Stones provides the baseline for an imagery narative on how our present social context of language, spoken and written, in private and public and via social media as well as published media, can indeed be hurtful and damaging often without direct intent, but just as often with harm and emotional damage intended.

A figuartive collection, this body of work combines images of various styles into an editorial storyline that is compelling, narrative and demonstrative.

This will be the exhibition that is referenced and talked about by collectors, observers and critiques for years to come… not miss this.

About the Artist

Freelancer, Jaye Crist is a self taught, local creative art photographer, who works across many styles from macro abstract, to minimalist, to figurative. He brings an artistic eye for composition, flow and esthetic to create images that provoke and challenge the veiwer.