Loryn Spangler-Jones

March 3 - 31st, 2017
Opening Reception: 03/03/2017, 5p-9p


1. lacking in movement, action or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.
“demand has grown on what was a fairly static market”
2. concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium

1. crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio or other telecommunications system.


About the Artist

Award winning and internationally recognized mixed media artist, Loryn Spangler-Jones is the mother of three children living in Lancaster, Pa. Making art since 1997, she is self-taught and her innate talent is the foundation of her spontaneous and visceral paintings. Spangler-Jones exhibits locally and is the founder, Director and lead educator of LSJ Studios in the heart of the art district in downtown Lancaster, PA. She is an active member within the pulse of Lancaster’s art community and has participated in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and the United Kingdom.  Her work can be found in several different publications, from major Art magazines to coffee table art books from North Light Publications. Spangler-Jones is a tour de force and her work continues to reach people all over the world.