bridge the gap

David Reinhart

May 4 - 26th, 2018
Opening Reception: 05/04/2018, 5pm-9pm

‘Bridge the Gap,’ Reinhart’s most recent body of work, transitions away from the balmy, sun swept seascapes, past the winter doldrums and into the promise of a new spring. Inspired by the vistas seen while cycling and the dramatic Spring cycling races in Europe, David’s new work explores local landscape imagery from the saddle while riding through, over and into the place where we live.

About the Artist

Introducing David Reinhart, a painter originally from Wilmington, DE now living and painting in Lancaster, PA. A contemplative abstractionist, David approaches his work from a perspective that invites the viewer to investigate the imagery on their own terms, without forcing a what, a where or a when. Allowing the observer to develop a relationship and dialogue with the painting that enriches their own experience and is not dictated by the artist.
Having studied at Millersville University for his undergraduate degree in Painting and Jewelry, Reinhart worked in the jewelry field while pursuing his masters degree in painting from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Subsequent to achieving his MFA in Painting, David has taught at the college level for both Painting and Design while maintaining a presence in the art community of Lancaster. He has exhibited at the Demuth Foundation, curated the gallery space at the Keppel Building from 1997-2004 and worked in the retail and wholesale jewelry design business.
David continues to be inspired by the harmony that can be found between landscape and architecture and visualizing this through drawing and painting. His focus is on developing and expanding his painting vocabulary and becoming more involved in the Lancaster community.