past exhibitions

pure reverie

Remi Crist

October 7 - 28th, 2016
Opening Reception: 10/07/2016, 5p-9p

A collection of dreams represented through colors, imagery and abstraction…

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into the great wide open

Lori Lee

September 2 - 30th, 2016
Opening Reception: 09/02/2016, 5p-9p

“Reality is always subject to interpretation. My hope is to both challenge and engage the viewer to interpret each painting through their own eyes and experiences.” -Lee

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unknown pleasures

Jessica Echeverria

August 5 - 26th, 2016
Opening Reception: 08/05/2016, 5p-9p

” ..creating an engaging narrative of selfhood and intersectionality….”

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garden of simple

Loryn Spangler-Jones

July 1 - 29th, 2016
Opening Reception: 07/01/2016, 5p-9p

Thirty paintings. Black and White. Twelve by Twelve.

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controlled chaos

Eric Lingenfelter

June 3 - 24th, 2016
Opening Reception: 06/03/2016, 5p-9p

“….where random chaos meets physics and gravity…”


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C. Marie Pack

May 6 - 27th, 2016
Opening Reception: 05/06/2016, 5p-9p

“….gorgeous, breathtaking, necessary, deserving…”

Tectonic is a meditation on the geological formation and evolution of the earth, on both a micro- and macroscopic level.  Melding a study of geology with chemical experimentation, these works embody the shifting power of color in the mind’s eye.

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