past exhibitions

bound together

Abigale Fortnum

April 6 - 28th, 2018
Opening Reception: 04/06/2018, 5p-9p

Exaggerated figures brought to life with watercolor and ink. Each illustration tells its own story as the figures interact with one another…

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Loryn Spangler-Jones

April 20th, 2018
Opening Reception: 04/20/2018, 7p-10p

Contrasting soft, lyrical line work with strong and saturated mark making, ‘pHERspective,’ is, at its core, a balancing act on the tightrope of fear and change.

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Flock Together

Loryn Spangler-Jones

March 2 - 31st, 2018
Opening Reception: 03/02/2018, 5p-9p

To promote social change and continue to ask important questions that challenge the status quo and inspire people in thought, word and action, we must boldly and fearlessly take a stand. Let us all Flock Together and Stand for Art, our collective and most articulate voice.


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The Sketchbook Collection

Loryn Spangler-Jones

November 3 - December 31st, 2017
Opening Reception: 11/03/2017, 5pm-9pm

A behind the scenes intimate look at over two decades of work never before available to the public.

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Collateral Candor

Loryn Spangler-Jones

September 22 - November 30th, 2017
Opening Reception: 09/22/2017, 6p-9p at our Queen St Location 325 N Queen St Lancaster PA

…where humanity meets vulnerability, vulnerability leads to honesty and honesty creates acceptance…

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suspicious minds

Yesid Gomez and Wifer Buitrago

October 6 - 28th, 2017
Opening Reception: 10/06/2017, 5p-9p

South American natives and cousins, Yesid Gomez and Wilfer Buitrago exhibit large scale contemporary paintings and sculptures.  A collaborative body of work not to be missed.

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linear motion

C. Mari' Pack

September 1 - 30th, 2017
Opening Reception: 09/01/2017, 5pm-9pm

Gorgeous, breathtaking, necessary, deserving…..

C. M. Pack is back in Lancaster CIty for the second year in a row with a brand new body of work!

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anything but ordinary

Lori Lee

August 4 - 26th, 2017
Opening Reception: 08/04/2017, 5:00pm-9:00pm

A glimpse of everyday seen through kaleidoscope eyes….

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shape shifting

Stephen Cimini

July 7 - 28th, 2017
Opening Reception: 07/07/2017, 5pm-9pm

An exhibition of Cimini’s newest collection of paintings – reconstructing the past | being present | trusting the future

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sticks and stones

Jaye Crist

June 2 - 23rd, 2017
Opening Reception: 06/02/2017, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me……?


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